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Mr. Dana’s GRIT, GRUB & GRIND Sharing An Eclectic Musical Mind.


April 22, 2015

Mr. Dana's Bio:

Dana F. Schroyer, (aka Mr. Dana) has been a broadcaster for over 30 years.  He has worked for radio stations in the north and south east United States.  His voice is recognized all over the country on television and radio commercials, corporate, industrial and travel videos.

Dana began singing in his early teens and went on to providing vocals for a variety of bands, groups and recording studios. He has also provided vocals for several jingle houses and producers.  As an entertainer, he was one of the first Karaoke hosts in America and one in a team of innovators developing Karaoke “Shows” from Pittsburgh, PA to Youngstown, Akron/Canton, Kent and Cleveland Ohio.  Dana has co-hosted several popular morning radio shows as well as afternoon drive time.  A popular M.C. for comedy clubs around the country where he was able to bring many of his radio characters to life on stage.  He hosted an extremely popular, live trivia/variety and music show, “Mr. Dana’s TEAM TRIVIA SHOW” for over 10 years.

Mr. Dana is a concert, show, producer and artist/band promoter.  He has developed live events for every size of venue from dozens to thousands in audience numbers. He continues to work as a consultant for several artist development companies and venues and has even been known to take the stage and belt out a tune or two with his favorite bands, musician friends and artists.

Dana’s pod-casting career began in 2005.  He has hosted and produced several successful pod-casts for corporations, entertainment venues, authors, musicians and comedians.  You can find Dana most days in his studio, located in western Pennsylvania where he was born and raised.

“I love the craft and the freedom of Pod-casting. It allows me to share my passion of searching out great music and weaving songs together in such way that is comfortable and makes you feel good!  If I can’t play some music, chat with you a bit, share a story and put a smile on your face, then there is no reason for me to do this!  I am producing GRIT, GRUB & GRIND as my way of sharing music I love, the kewl people I have met along the way, some who have become very good friends.  I want to tell a few stories and share your stories and experiences.  First and foremost GRIT, GRUB & GRIND is being produced in the spirit of  promoting, what I consider to be music, bands and artists so good it would be a sin not to introduce you.  Music that does not receive the radio or "main stream" recognition it deserves.  Maybe even broaden your horizons a bit with some news and information. My hope is you will 'play if forward' by sharing GRIT, GRUB & GRIND with your family and friends!  I am looking forward to what we uncover and discover together.  Music is food for the mind, body and soul and should be savored and celebrated.  This is my gift to you.  Peace!”   ~Dana